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First Normandy eco-neighbourhood named

(Français) L’éco-village du Hameau des Noés à Val-de-Reuil

Inaugurated on 20 January in the presence of Minister of Housing and Sustainable Homes Emmanuelle Cosse, the eco-village Hameau des Noés in Val-de-Reuil can be considered a laboratory of sorts, where new ways of life will be concocted. The quarter was constructed by Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest, authorised representative of the design-build-operate-maintain consortium.

  • L’éco-village du Hameau des Noés à Val-de-Reuil

Conceived to offer residents a housing which is friendly to both environment and aspirations, the eco-village Hameau des Noés was designed as a laboratory of sorts, to test both the habitat and lifestyle of the future.

An eco-friendly living space

Set on the banks of the Eure river, the Noés eco-village covers 4.5 hectares, arranged to allow for logical management of traffic, vegetation and water. 1.5 hectares of reserved green space bordering the river provide multiple uses including:

  • Local management of compost, shared gardens and organic orchards through social integration,
  • an eco-friendly park that favours reintegration and encounters with nature (donkey meadows, bird observatory, etc.),
  • 20,000 plant types, including local tree species, standard trees and non-allergic varieties.A living space to be shared

The 98 housing units aim to offer diversity, with 84 social housing units and 14 social access housing units in a diverse housing area including individual and collective dwellings. All units have reached an environmental ambition at the passive level (less than 15 kWH/sq. m SHAB/yr.) and allow for reduced charges for renters and buyers. Their architect is welcoming of modern style and included a ultra-high performance thermal envelope. The units also include group heating powered by a wood-fire generator located in the eco-village.

Shared infrastructures such as a gardening centre offering advice to residents and an eco-day-care centre with municipal kitchen. A covered area is also in the works, where a market will be held, favouring exchange between residents and nurturing a village atmosphere.

Leading by example, the Hameau des Noés eco-village was awarded the EcoQuartier label on 8 December by the Minister of Housing and Sustainable Homes Emmanuelle Cosse, when it became the first in Normandy to receive the label.

*Members of the consortium of design-build-operate-maintain: Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest (authorised representative and manufacturer), Philippe Madec Workshop (architect), Arc en Terre (landscape architect), SNETA (design firm for networks, roads, etc.), TRIBU (HQE technical design office), Ecotone (environmental consultancy firm), Michel Lecacheur (technical design office for technical work packages), Terre de Lys (geobiologist) and Idex Energies (maintenance-operator).

We invite you to discover this new eco-friendly living space in pictures.

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