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Greencity: an inspiring example of an eco-neighbourhood in Switzerland

Early experimentation into the sustainable city is now taking place at the eco-neighbourhood level. These low resource consumption, environmentally friendly areas question our practices and encourage us to reinvent urban lifestyles. One example is Greencity, where a new art of living is becoming a reality.                            

Just a few minutes from Zurich city centre, Greencity offers a new urban lifestyle, where living, working, and sustainable development merge. Located on eight hectares of industrial wasteland, it first makes an impression through its size: 55,000 m² of office space; a hotel; 6,600 m² of shops; and approximately 740 apartments (2,000 residents), a third of them in the cooperative low-rent sector.

Sustainability at the heart of the project

GreencityGreencity is the largest sustainable neighbourhood developed and delivered by our Swiss subsidiary, Losinger Marazzi, and the most ambitious in energy terms. “This is Switzerland’s first ‘2000-watt site’, certified by the Swiss Federal Energy Office. This label aims to reduce energy consumption to 2000 watts per inhabitant by 2100, which represents a third of the average annual consumption of a Swiss person today,” explains Pascal Mirallié, Property Development Director.

Renewable energy, either bought or produced on site, will cover 100% of energy needs. And 20% of the electricity is produced on site through photovoltaic roof panels. Remote heating and cooling networks and a smart grid will enable all heating, cooling and electricity needs to be networked, to ensure intelligent management according to demand and available resources. Apartments will have Minergie and Minergie-P-ECO certification and offices LEED Platinum Core & Shell certification, the most demanding standards in Switzerland and abroad.

Improving users’ quality of life

GreecityUsers’ well-being was central to the design of Greencity. Social and generational diversity will be ensured through different types of apartment (for couples, single people, seniors, etc.). Play areas, trails and a canal that passes through the neighbourhood will contribute to residents’ leisure activities.

Cycle paths, an 8-minute rail link to the city centre, a car-sharing scheme and limited parking will encourage soft mobility. Ten percent of parking spaces are reserved for electric vehicles. The eco-neighbourhood will also provide facilities for families—in particular, a nursery and a public school.

An app dedicated to life in Greencity (similar to the Erlenapp app developed for the Erlenmatt West eco-neighbourhood in Basel) will promote discussion and contacts between residents, while providing them with practical information on their housing, energy consumption and environment, thereby encouraging them to adopt eco-responsible behaviour.

This flagship project heralds the city of tomorrow!

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