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The Greencity eco-neighbourhood is coming to life

Greencity promotes social and generational diversity by offering different types of housing. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

Building work began on Greencity exactly two years ago. Today, the neighbourhood is coming to life. Residents have taken over the first homes in the eco-neighbourhood located to the south of Zurich in Switzerland.

By the end of January 2018, all of the buildings in the first stage of the project will be ready to accommodate the future residents of the 439 apartments, including 235 cooperative housing units. A crèche will open at the start of September and a bakery is also expected to open shortly.

Greencity is the first neighbourhood in Zurich to be built in compliance with the 2,000 Watts Site certification criteria. The project has been overseen by our Swiss subsidiary Losinger Marazzi. Housing, working spaces, and eco-friendly behaviour have been combined in the project to create a new, sustainable way of living.

Greencity AppBoth Losinger Marazzi and residents are responsible for respecting the criteria involved in certification as a 2000 Watts Site. This is why the Green City app went live in mid-June this year to help residents stay informed about their energy consumption and compare their consumption with the neighbourhood average. The idea behind the app is simple: it promotes contact between residents in the eco-friendly neighbourhood and provides them with practical information about their homes, buildings, and the environment.

Take a look at the first pictures of the neighbourhood offering new ways of living in the city.

  • The first stage of the Greencity project includes five buildings for a total of 439 homes. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

  • Greencity promotes social and generational diversity by offering different types of housing. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

  • All buildings have been built according to the most recent energy standards. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

  • Practically all energy comes from renewable sources on-site. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

  • Greencity is well served by public transport with its own RER (S-Bahn) station and bus stop. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

  • The first homes have already found owners: Greencity is responding to a real need. ©Merlin Photography Ltd.

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