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Mobility, a reality at Bouygues Construction!

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On 6 and 7 December, Bouygues Construction is organising the second edition of its mobility-focused Global Mobility forum. Interview with Jean-Manuel Soussan, Human Resources Director, on mobility policy and the opportunities of this meeting for the company.

What is professional mobility and why is it important for the Group?

Jean-Manuel Soussan, DRH Bouygues ConstructionMobility allows all of our employees to enrich their career paths: new posts, new missions, new responsibilities or new places of work.

Whether it’s inter-job or geographical, mobility is an essential principle in our Group and one of our major assets. Our organisation and our different installations around the world already strongly encourage this approach: each year, over 2000 instances of mobility happen at the Group.
What’s at stake? Offering possibilities to everyone. By daring to be mobile, the employee increases their employability by broadening their skill set and their capacity to adapt to a new environment. A factor in professional fulfilment, mobility allows the Group to enrich the experience and the know-how of its employees, who can use it to build their careers.

In 2016, the Global Mobility Forum concerned geographical mobility in particular. What is this second edition going to be about?

The 2016 edition was a real success: over 100 mobilities were concretised following the forum, something we’re very proud of. This year, of course we want to continue to encourage inter-entity mobility, but we also want to emphasise functional mobility; in other words, yes, changing your career is possible!

All our jobs are rapidly changing; that’s reality. Functional mobility should therefore be more and more integrated in everyone’s career path in order to better adapt to the world of tomorrow. The principle of the Global Mobility Forum 2017 is the same as for the first edition: be concrete and pragmatic! We’re making available a platform to set up an appointment with during the forum. These two days will allow employees to meet with a member of Human Resources or a manager, obtain personalised advice and open the doors of mobility opportunities.

The Global Mobility forum: change jobs, and change your point of view on mobility?

The message of the Global Mobility forum is clear: dare to be mobile, and make sure everything is done in complete transparency.  Career management is a responsibility shared between the company and the employee. Each person has their own role to play: that of the employee is to dare to change jobs or entities and to apply, in complete transparency, for a new post. As for managers, their role is to open these opportunities to members of their teams and thus facilitate mobility, as they would like the company to do for them.

Mobility, in particular functional mobility, is not a natural reflex in our career process. Through this forum, we would like to participate in transforming modes of work and management and help both managers and employees adopt a different point of view.

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