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Innovations on construction sites

Wednesday May 9th, 2012


Construction of the Paris Philharmonic Hall is progressing

Starting early this year, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France teams have begun work on the principal element of the new Paris Philharmonic Hall – the 2,400-seat symphony concert auditorium. Construction of the basement (equipment and service rooms and car parks) is well advanced, and the walls that will envelope the auditorium are now going up. Roughly 250 […]

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  • New Certification for the Bouygues Head Office

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  • Seniors: managing everyday services

    (Français) Face à l’augmentation du nombre de seniors dans nos sociétés et à l’évolution de leur style de vie, il est nécessaire de repenser notre vision de l’habitat pour concevoir des logements qui répondent à leurs nouvelles attentes.

  • Eco-design: Bouygues Construction recognised

    Bouygues Construction, which is committed to sustainable development, received the France GBC Trophy for the “Environmental Reporting” construction & property sector in the “Eco-design” category.  A new award for Bouygues Construction This award recognises the Group’s innovative policy with respect to environmentally designing and constructing buildings and districts. “This award recognises Bouygues Construction‘s long-standing commitment […]

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