Safety in building and civil works

For many years, Bouygues Construction has strived towards making safety a priority. The group implements their own strict safety standards and invests in innovative equipment, in an aim to have “zero accidents” on-site. Preparing a site and making it safe is key to limit risks and to protect each siteworker and sub-contractor from a potential accident. Hoist, elevator: using high-performance and suitable tools is a way of reducing occupational health risks and to maintain everyone’s health. At Bouygues Construction, site managers are trained in health & safety and hold a supervisory role over teams. The enforce the standards which surpass usual industry requirements.

Bouygues Construction are pioneers for initiatives that reinforce on-site safety and maintain “zero accidents”. Preventative action against addiction, staff warm-ups and even world “Health and Safety” day created in 2011 are just a few examples. These awareness campaigns have really demonstrated their effectiveness with figures constantly falling. The group’s aim for the future is to be zero risk.

Incity Tower worksite: fire evacuation exercise

As part of its continuous improvement drive in the area of safety, GFC Construction is today holding a fire simulation and subsequent evacuation exercise on Incity Tower worksite. The objective of this exercise is two-fold: to test the site evacuation procedure and to test the safety equipment installed in the tower. The exercise is overseen by […]

Balard: a 60-metre high rescue mission

On 23 July, OHS officers and nurses from Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France (Bouygues Construction subsidiary) performed a spectacular feat with Paris firemen: a fire drill for a crane operator on the construction site of the new Ministry of Defence headquarters at Balard (Paris). The aim was to establish a common procedure for the whole Bouygues Construction […]

608 chantiers s’arrêtent pour mobiliser 10 000 intervenants sur le thème de la sécurité

While for nearly two-thirds of the French population (64%) companies have tended to reduce their investment in health and safety during the recession (exclusive Ipsos survey, October 2013), Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has made safety on its construction sites its absolute priority. On November 6, the company is once again organising its […]

700 sites at a halt for the sake of safety

Around 700 construction sites – among them the Paris Philharmonic Hall, the Vincennes Zoo and the Ritz Hotel – were halted yesterday. The purpose of the operation organised by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France was for all employees, temporary workers and subcontractors to focus on the topic of safety. A total of something like 11,000 people in […]

Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe marks the third European Health & Safety Week

Organised simultaneously at 130 of Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe’s construction sites on November 15, a special event marking the third European Health and Safety Week involved roughly 10,000 participants. The aim of the event was to reinforce the teams’ awareness of the capital importance of health and safety, which is the Group’s primary objective. Based on […]

Bouygues Construction signs the first agreement in France to improve safety for temporary workers on construction sites

On Wednesday, November 9, Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe (1) signed a major agreement with three leading temporary employment companies (Adecco Group, Domitis Network and Randstad) to improve safety for their personnel working on construction sites. The aim is to further reduce the number of accidents and strive to achieve “zero accidents”. It is the first such […]

Safety: Dragages Hong Kong inaugurates its training centre

In line with this Sustainable development policy (“Actitudes”), Bouygues Construction wants to become the leader in its business sectors in terms of occupational health and safety. Dragages Hong Kong, one of its subsidiaries, has set up its own training centre to eradicate unsafe worksite behaviour. This purpose-built building was officially inaugurated at the end of […]

Fire fighters to the rescue!

A brigade of fire-fighters recently chose one of our construction sites for a training exercise, with the full cooperation of the site team. Here’s what happened – not all days on site are as exciting as this! 10.28: A crane operator calls the site manager on his walky-talky: “I feel faint… I can’t stay up […]

Working out at work!

For over a year now, Bouygues Construction employees working on building sites have been going through a session of muscle warm-up exercises before starting their day’s work. Not only does this significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, it also helps set up a good atmosphere at the start of the day. The initiative […]

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